Monday, January 18, 2010

Monochromatic Monday

The beauty of winter in Black and White.
No wonder Ansel Adams loved nature in black and white. Not that I'm anywhere near his accomplishments but black and white gives nature a different look. Pure and simple.


and this was my reaction when I realized the weekend and a Monday flew bye . . . so quickly!
concrete face
this is from an abandoned factory
Cement and pipe.


snaphappee said...

Ooooh!!! I love the starkness of your black and white trees! That pipe one made me laugh!

PLPortraiture said...

I Love that pipe pic! At first I thought it was the snow covered ground. AWESOME.
.. and SO are the Trees!

365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

Okay the second photo is just too cool! LOVE IT!

Tess said...

Love! That face in the cement/pipe is great! Reminds me of that commercial on TV right now...can't remember who it's for though. :D

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

sandra you are amazing;) love it girl!!!! keep shooting;)

Amanda said...

Very nice! Wonderful creativity with the pipe image! Great post!

Jennifer said...

cool.. yes with weekend gone quickly!!

yes with smiles can find in pictures on commercial for credit cards.

love that commercial!


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