Saturday, January 23, 2010

The 23rd Day - Updated

Saturday's theme
We went out to dinner with our Family, it was my Sister-in-laws birthday. The lighting was not very good - but I had my 50mm. I want to share all of the pictures but I'm tired, so I'm only sharing my Sister in Law and her immediate family.
Happy Birthday Lisa

The George's Story Boardwith border

The ever artistic Lisa, Mike, who can measure, sort and build just about anything and whatever he builds will last forever and their beautiful daughter Sarah - She's grown up way to fast!

These are just some snapshots taken at the restaurant.
Here's the rest of them

Family storyboard

My beautiful Mother In law, Jan
My awesome Father in law, Alex
The third is our Fun Aunt Pat (forever young) and her husband Knowledgeable husband Jerry.
The middle one is the whole group (I can't take credit for that image)
Then we have the Mischievous Nephew Adam (it's so funny to watch Dave and Adam together, never a dull moment), Our Beautiful Niece Sarah, who's grown up way to fast and last, but not least our Bother in law Bobby - who can find anything you're looking for, but he does it legally!
We were missing my Brother in law, who will do anything for any of us and Adams wife Laura, who is so much fun to be around and of coarse our children were all missing.

The storyboards are from the awesome Coffeeshop website.


Amanda said...

Nice photos Sandra! They all look happy, I can tell they all like you! :) Great monochromatic conversion too.

Jennifer said...

beautiful storyboard...

snaphappee said...

Happy birthday, Lisa! Sandra, I hope you had a good time! Nice storyboard - I bet Lisa will love having photos from her special night!

PLPortraiture said...

They all turned out GREAT!!!!

Jennifer said...

great to see Dave's family together.

beautiful family!

365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

Love all of the tones you used. Awesome story board! Each photo is really great girl!


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