Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anything goes Saturday

Tickets please . . .
Tickets please

Welcome to Gilroy Stadium, Gary Indiana, yes home of the original Jackson 5.
Gilroy Stadium

To the power tower
dramatic sky

I used a little bit of Topaz on the last two images.

These were written by Chris Ramirez. If you are interested in the whole article see here: The Rise and Fall of Gary's Gilroy Stadium

" It sits alone, as if placed in solitary confinement, obscured by neglect on 30 acres of forgotten ground just west of the Indiana University Northwest campus in the Glen Park section of Gary. Opened in 1956 but ignored by the hands of time, today Gilroy Stadium is a reminder of what used to be, and what should have been." . . .

"In hindsight, its clear Gilroy never stood a chance. From poor planning to shoddy workmanship and substandard
materials; from crooked politicians to apathetic ones, Gilroy Stadium is simply fulfilling its destiny.
There is no need for a proper burial for this once magnificent structure. Gilroy Stadium itself is an eternal graveyard
– a rotting brick and steel eye sore that is nothing more than a reminder of what used and to be…and what
could have been.


snaphappee said...

Very evocative photos! The photos and the excerpt tell an interesting, if poignant, story.

Jennifer said...


Same here, just missed blue sky today.. Always other time, try not nah wait later.. so asap.. ha ha!

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

BEautiful sandra as always;) great job

tracysphotos said...

I love the blues in the first photo. Great pictures!

Mel said...

very interesting! I love the textures in the first one! That would make a great background in engagement photos/wedding photos with all the blues!

PLPortraiture said...

These are Amazing! I love the 1st image.
Wonderful Color!

Asiam Designs Photography said...

LOVE no. 1

Todd Atchison said...

Great story! I love the first photo!

Mo said...

thanks for sharing the history info smile! very nice pixs


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