Wednesday, July 29, 2009

269/365 Story Board story . . .

Tonight was our evening with Miss Isabella.

We pulled out her pretty red dress and she insisted on having the tumers, which is what she has been calling her Easter gloves. I'm assuming because of the thumb that her mom was trying to teach her that each finger has a compartment in the glove - especially the thumb-kin.
So she gave me "one" shot at getting a good picture of her. The rest was just plain ol' silly.

She really was done with the first picture so she hid her eyes. Oh o.k. one more time.

This was the first time I've ever seen her do that. She threw her head back and put her hands in prayer position and closed her eyes. She was probably praying: "Oh Lord, Please make her stop!"

. . . and then, she was really done. She laid down and told me she was tired. Well, that was not much of a photo shoot, but she wasn't having it. Oh how fun. I thought she would have out grown this by now.

at the end of it all she comes towards me and says "My turn" and tries to grab my camera. She wanted to take my pictures. Seeing as my camera weighs more than she does, I don't think so. Maybe next time I'll get the point-n-shoot out.


PLPortraiture said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first Glance I thought she was performing the White Glove Test on your home! ! ! ! !

LOVE all the expressions!

Tess said...

What fun story boards! It'll be a while before she outgrows that stage. My 4 yr old will only consent to picture if it's something new she's wearing or something she's accomplished.

Amanda said...

Same with my 6 year it's be a while! :) These are really cute and fun!

snaphappee said...

These are just precious even if she wasn't very cooperative. Great work!

Jennifer said...

Fun when she show interest to be in pictures.. funny when she said it's her turn. Precious too!


She like color red lot?


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