Thursday, July 23, 2009

262 - 264

Playing around with studio lights
The bench is in the process of being re-done. I bought this fabric when I hung out with Pam Lopez so I reupholstered the fabric part. The wood will be painted soon.

More playing in the studio BUT...

my new cousin, Andie, gave me this awesome looking chair! I've been looking for one for the studio for a long time and there it was in Andie's little shop. OMG she has been so generous! THANK YOU ANDIE!!!
Now convincing my father in law that it did indeed fit in his Tahoe was another story. Thanks Jan & Alex for transporting it for me. Love ya both.

Well my little "models" are getting tired of modeling for me but no one else will . . .
maybe to much Depth of field or Bokeh?

I've grown a pepper plant like this for the last couple of years but I don't know if they are edible or not. They grow Red, Orange and purple. I'm assuming they are just ornamental and not meant to be eaten.


snaphappee said...

Great photos!

#1 - Nice and sharp - I'd like to see a bit more separation from the background. JMO

#2 & 3 - Your models looks fabulous in that wonderful, wonderful chair. What a blessing!

#4 - I think that narrower depth of field works better with a single subject, but it's not bad here. You got great focus on puppies that were tired of modeling. Kudos!

#5 - Lovely colors and bokeh on that pepper plant!

Jennifer said...

First of all.. miss your dogs! count with your family too!!

Love dogs with props!!

Awesome chair you have!! Would be awesome to use it in the field too!

Never seen how pepper grew that way.

To answer your ?? I am still with very same photoshop ( I got few free brushes from free class I signed for. Need get in more and see what I can do. (not many choices from free brushes I could use) I'm taking baby steps!


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