Thursday, July 9, 2009

250/365 Fragrant

These are in David's lily garden
They surprised us this year - we weren't really expecting them to bloom this year. They are so fragrant.

D-80 50mm

One of my art projects was featured on a craft blog. If you get a chance visit my crafty blog for details Mi Arte Creativa

Let me know what you think.


snaphappee said...

Lovely lilies!! Nice job on the photos too!

Tess said...

Those are Gorgeous!

Brittany said...

You know I love Lilies! :) I love how they smell, too. Every year we get our Lilly and Easter Lilly & plant it out back. FUN!

Jennifer said...


I need to ask you. how?? what are the correct setting with camera to take pictures like that


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