Wednesday, July 22, 2009

256 plus 261 (vacations over) Long post.

I've missed catching up on every one's blogs and lives. We had the most amazing time on our trip with Dave's family in Ohio. It took me a little longer to recover from 12 hours on the Harley than I had expected. We need a bigger bike - LOL. Well I have lots of catching up to do so lets start with

256 Wednesday, July 15
This was taken from Dave's parents vehicle. Dave's mom worried about traffic the whole time. She couldn't stop looking back. That's a mom for you.

257 Thursday, July 16
We went to visit a family cemetery and I was fascinated by this statue. Her face is so haunting.

Dave & I met up with the president of his motorcycle club. Gun Fighters, Nomad. He lives in Florida and happened to be crossing Ohio the same time we were there. So they decided to meet up. (This is a law enforcement club)

258 Friday, July 17

Andie (my cousin by Marriage) has created several programs to help people in matters of health and diet. It's really more complicated than that, but as part of her program she created this "market." She's is such an awesome person. I absolutely love her personality. I'd like her personality to rub off on me. She's family to me!

Andie's the one in the middle.

We also met a lot of the family but I'm only sharing 2 of the kids here

259 Saturday, July 18
The rock where Jan (my MIL) sat on as a child.

See Jan, you're not sitting alone any more.

The hills and valleys that Jan grew up on. What a beautiful place!

A night in the town - fun posing

260 Sunday, July 19

261 Monday, July 20
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snaphappee said...

Great catch up!! It's nice to see some of your travels, and I love, love, love the sunflower photo!

I hope we can chat soon. I've missed you!

Brittany said...

I love all those shots - looks like a blast! I really like the "rock" one with the house. Great composition and sounds like a good story, too.

Jennifer said...

Glad you all had great time on trip!

Awesome snapshots!!

PLPortraiture said...





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