Sunday, July 26, 2009

267/365 A memorial run and . . .

Dave and his motorcycle club of Police Officers did a memorial run today in Chicago.
Ed Lopez (Pam's husband) is part of the Illinois chapter of that club, that's how Dave found out about it, well they met up and I think this is a nice picture of the two of them.

This one is for Pam, it's her husband riding in front of Dave - Dave took these with his Point & Shoot Camera.

He had to out do me. Since I took pictures from the back of the bike, he took a few shots while driving/riding the bike. There you have it, the skyline of Chicago from the motorcycle driver! Show off. LOL I think he did awesome and I'm glad his mom wasn't there to see him doing that.

and while the guys were out on their bikes I made a few pieces of jewelry.
They look pretty nice but I wasn't able to take really good pictures of them. The bottle gave off to much of a glare and the fabric made it look too dull.
Any suggestions?


PLPortraiture said...

That is SUCH a great shot of our GUYS!!

If it were not for OPS we would not all be friends right now.

... and SANDRA!!! I did not know you made jewelry TOO!!! So do I !!!


Tess said...

Oh what fun! Jewelry is so hard! To make (for me) and to photograph.

snaphappee said...

Nice work on the jewelry!

Dave really got a good shot - but it makes me nervous that he did it while he was driving!

I have made some efforts at photographing beaded jewelry with what I have available...I'll post what I have as my 365 today.

Jennifer said...

great kind of things guys likes to do.. to get together for that. :-)

You are good with making jewelery..
Take pic with nature light.. would be good too.


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