Tuesday, July 28, 2009

268/365 Summer Reading

My summer reading so far.
I finished all 4 Twilight Series in 2 weeks - when I need a break from life I pick up a book. My daughters have both inherited my love of reading. As a matter of fact, they have surpassed me. They passed on and recommended some of these books to me, so now I ask them, "what are you reading? Any suggestions what I should read next?" They tell me. Unfortunately, my boys don't share my love of reading. Maybe they'll grow into it.

Let me know if you've read any good books lately, I might need some more suggestions.

I took this picture with the OCF and then played with some "Blends" by Designs by Christina
I bought some of these blends but this lady is super generous and she's always giving away free stuff. Check out her website.


Amanda said...

I love your processing and lighting for this shot!

Tess said...

Very nice! I loved the Twilight books, as well. I just finished Wicked. I liked it a lot! I've never seen the Broadway play though. Now I'm reading the Memory Keepers Daughter. :)

snaphappee said...

Very nice shot!

I haven't been reading at all. I should, but I'm letting a dumb thing stand in my way - there's no lamp where I need it to get comfortable. I know, I know...put a lamp there or move the furniture! But I just hasn't happened, so I zone out at the computer or the tv. Hmph.

Anyway...enjoy your reading!

Mel said...

love them! The textures really work with this picture! I finished the twilight books in about that time as well haha, my poor house was in shambles but I just could NOT put it down..i love reading and hadn't picked up a book in forever because I just didn't have time..and when the books were over and my eyes refocused on my house I remembered why!!!

Jennifer said...

great that you and girls are reading..

I can rem how my mom and sister try over and over to get me interest to read books.. I am no where close to that point.

Would be fun one day when you scrap that picture.

Fun to use the textures


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