Tuesday, June 30, 2009

236-241/365 Hi I'm Back (really really long post)

I am sorry I decided to take a little break from the computer - not from taking pictures just the computer. My schedule is always so full and sometimes I just need to step back, rest, re-focus and get a creative break. The stress of life sometimes catches up too. So today's post will catch me up to the past weeks missed post.



This is what I enjoyed the most at the campground -
The Hammock
I read and then I napped - it was wonderful.

The view
from the hammock that is.

Dave was so relaxed he played:
Air guitar 238

On our way home from the campground we pass Dave's moms house and this is what we saw - LOL
Dave said, "Lord, that's me!" LOL

In order to get the whole family group (minus my son & nephew who live out of state)
we had to go outside

Group Shot 239

He had to take several deap breathes to blow out ALL of his candles 240

What is it 241

I believe that brings me up to date on my post. I will now try to catch up with your 365's.

Also, I promised Elli I would share my "camping" style - which is much different that hers. I don't really rough it. Here are several images that Dave took of our "camper."
If you've kept up with this post so far, thanks for your patience.

The outside of our camper

Kitchen/Dining Room

living room

Loft on the top & bed room on the bottom


snaphappee said...

What a great catch up post! I laughed out loud at your "camping" style!! Thank you! I don't think you're going to be coming here to camp with me in that thing!

Amanda said...

241 is awesome!! I love the colors and composition! Great catch up! I completely understand needing to take a break from the computer. Glad you're back!! All great photos! 237 really stands out also.

Jennifer said...

Interesting in first pix.

Nice place to get away from home and work. 8-}

Great family for Dave's big 40th birthday!

Very true to use some break from being on computer.


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