Saturday, June 6, 2009

216/365 Elephants!

My daughter is always looking for activities for Isabella to do . . .
She came across this small circus in a neighboring town, which for $5.00 she could ride an elephant. She invited me to come along - so friday night this is what we did.

My daughter sees it as the opportunity of a lifetime and it was also the first animal word Isabella learned . . .I mean we will never, ever forget the first trip to the zoo and how she yelled "EEEEEEEEPHANT" all afternoon, really cute.

Then she got to ride a pony - she looks like an old pro. Maybe I can get Wilky to give her some tips. ?.

We had a really nice time and it was such a small venue there were no crowds to fight no parking issues and very inexpensive. That's really different from the big circus' in the big city.


Jennifer said...

cute isabella!! Sound fun plans!!

Great snapshots!!

snaphappee said...

What fun! Great photos!

Jen said...

Opportunity of a lifetime? Of course it is!! How fun and something Isabella will remember always!!

Tess said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun!

Amanda said...

That does look fun! What a great event to go to!


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