Tuesday, June 2, 2009

210 - 212 Playing catch up

Playing catch up here and not necessarily in the exact order, but there are images for every day.
Sunset from the deck of the "camper"

This picture was taken as we were driving in the truck, from the side window. The deer ran and then just stood there and watched us drive by.

Remnants of time gone by. An Amish Buggy just decaying away.

an old Plymouth - they don't make the bodies like they used to.

My in-laws spent the weekend with us at the campground. We had so much fun.
Here my father in law borrows a lawn mower to cut our grass.
I like the long road behind him in this image.


Tess said...

Nice images! I didn't realize you were gone on a camping trip! I"m so behind right now! I hope you had a great time!

Eric L said...

Wow, that sunset!!

Jennifer said...

Glad you had good time away from home. Play with camera too..

cool pictures!!

Love sunset and your FIL cutting the lawn.

Amanda said...

Great shots Sandra! I like the long road in the last one, the colors in the car shot, and beautiful sunset.

snaphappee said...

That sunset is lovely! I also love the second shot of the Amish buggy. (that's the second time today that Amish buggies have shown up for me. what does that mean?)

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your camping trip! We are postponing ours because the weather isn't supposed to be very good. Bummers.


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