Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A&P & snow again 109/365

She's pretty tired of it, I tried to encourage her and tell her she's half way through with this semester, she says "not even close!" but at least she let me take her picture.

And looky, looky. . . .what has happened in the last 3 hours! More snow! Lots and lots of it. High ISO and it's pretty dark and wet out there.
I'm open for any suggestions on how to improve these images.


snaphappee said...

I like those snow pictures! I love seeing the snow falling.

Amanda said...

To me A and P looks like fun, but I'm sure I had my moments when I was taking them! It's cool that you photographed the progress of the snow. I think falling snow pics are really difficult to take.

Eric L said...

I can sympathize!

Hope she makes it through, and more snow? Yikes...

Jennifer said...

K~ take a deep breathe.. classes will be over before you know it.

Awesome pixs of snowing. Will like to know the setting how to take good pixs with the snowing..

I guess I have enough with snowing.
Bring on the Spring!!

Tess said...

I love A and P! My favourite subject. If I were to become a teacher, I'd teach that. :)


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