Monday, February 2, 2009

It's just a picture . . . 93/365

Can I add one more thing to my schedule? Yes I can. Here is one of the things I worked on today. It's a loom. I'm making something. LOL
Sorry, I ran out of ideas and time for taking a picture today, so there it is a little piece of my life.


snaphappee said...

Fun! I was thinking about trying those out too!

Amanda said...

It does look like fun! I totally know the feeling- out of ideas! LOL! But you came up with a good one.

Eric L said...

Making something, any idea what, or just makin...?

Jennifer said...

pretty color.. what are you making??

PLPortraiture said...


Click on IM tonight ... I made one with the exact yarn! LOL

Tess said...

Those make the greatest baby cocoons! I love that yarn, too!


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