Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Knight in Shinning Armor 116/365

He guards the house like no one else. He stands post and doesn't mind it at all.
Well I guess he's not really "my" Knight, he belongs to Dave. Story goes that he went shopping with his parents when he was very young, and from the moment they stepped into the furniture store he was mesmerized by this knight. He wouldn't take his eyes off of it. I don't know exactly how the rest of the story goes but they ended up taking him home where he watched Dave grow up. When Dave moved out the knight went for a vacation in storage. Many, many years later, when we bought our current home the knight came to take his rightful spot above our mantel/fireplace.
He's home and he's diligent.

Yuck! Huge shadows but since it's up against the wall and I only used one soft box not much I can do there. Or is there?
Tell my your opinion on my Post processing. Is it too much? Not enough.
I will try these shots again with a different lighting - maybe darker.


Amanda said...

That's a neat story behind a cool knight. As far as post-processing, it looks very natural, I can't tell what you did. Would bouncing the flash behind you help with the shadows?...I don't know, that's just an idea.

snaphappee said...

Nice! You found inspiration! We also have a piece of artwork that Ken has had since he was a kid. What a neat history.

I was also wondering about bouncing - what would happen if you bounced light off the ceiling and reflected from below?

I think the pp looks good. Nice, rich colors.

Brittany said...

I'm not a fan of shadows in general...and can't tell you how to fix it. But as far as PP goes - awesome! Can't tell you did a thing. It's a fun piece!

Jennifer said...

I rem the story you told me and Mo about it. I will need to take a god look at it when I am at your house.

Great pix!

Eric L said...

Cant tell you PP'd great job

As for the shadows, I would have a flash from about camera position firing as fill (dialed way down, only enough to lift the shadows)

Love the knight, big history fan!


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