Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More snow . . . 95/365

Look what I got up to again this morning . . . more snow! Yay. No it's not noise in this picture it's lots of snow coming down. This pine tree sits across the street from our home. Used my P&S again today.

No one can look at a pine tree in winter without knowing that spring will come again in due time. Frank Bolles

Of winter's lifeless world each tree Now seems a perfect part;Yet each one holds summer's secret Deep down within its heart.
Charles G. Stater


Brittany said...

It's so pretty with how bright it is and still coming down!

Amanda said...

More snow!! We haven't had snow for a few days, but it's been COLD! Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. Great capture of falling snow!

Jennifer said...

ditto~ great capture of falling snow..

but we have got enough snow already. With with out luck ! out east of Ind got caved in with so much snow

snaphappee said...

Just what you wanted, huh? Spring WILL come! (I keep saying that - mostly so I can believe it.)


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