Thursday, February 26, 2009

117/365 Willow Tree Angels

Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions for yesterdays lighting problem. I played with it for about half an hour today. I used flash, bounced it off of the ceiling, bounced it off of the wall, used other house lights and nothing. Still ended up with a bad shadow. The only thing I didn't try was 2 studio lights facing each other. I will try that soon.

Just practicing with some more lighting. I've taken the 1 soft box and moved it in every possible direction. These are my Willow Tree Angles on a picture frame glass and scrapbooking paper for the background. See? I'm using my scrapbooking stuff!


snaphappee said...

They're beautiful! The shadow isn't harsh at all. Nice work!

Amanda said...

Your lighting looks very nice, especially in the first. I really like willow tree figures and your background is perfect for this!

Eric L said...

Looks good, and nice idea on the glass, love the reflection

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures. far-out that you use sb paper as background.


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