Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Price of Freedom 113/365

For those of you on OPS I added these plus a couple more to a post there.
I've done alot of post processing because I think these images call for it.
The "shadow" is Dave, he was reading the names as I bent down to take the picture.


Tess said...

Very nice!

Sandra said...

A couple of people told me it looks like the grim reaper and they don't like the images (my daughters - LOL) but It might also look like a grieving man. Why not - it's all in how you look at it. It's reality.

Sandra G said...

I liked it, i just thought it seemed like the grim reaper was watching over the grave

Jennifer said...

Sandra.. you have good point.. very true..

Neat shot!

Amanda said...

I think the shadow adds to it. It is very sobering to see these, but as you said it is reality.

Eric L said...

Tis reminds me of one of my favorite paintings I've ever seen. It was a picture of the vietnam memorial wall, and had a mother and father staring at it, hands pressed against it. In the wall, instead of thier reflection, was thier wounded son, being carried by his comrades, yet the way they held him, both his hands were touching there's. Most emotionally powerful painting I've ever seen, my absolute favorite, thanks for bringing it back to me :)

snaphappee said...

Oh, when I saw the shadow/reflection originally I thought it was part of the memorial - a grieving man.

Very evocative photos! (The rest of my comments are on OPS)


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