Sunday, June 20, 2010

D-166 Happy Father's Day

What a busy but great weekend.
Spent some time with David, my dad and a little time with my father in law (very little), well have to make up for it later. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful men! Hope you guys had a wonderful Father's Day!

Today's challenge on the daily shoot was
"Make a photo that creates depth. Draw the viewer in by choosing an interesting foreground, middle-ground, and background."
for some reason I had a difficult time with this one. I spent a very long time trying to find something. The almost last picture of the day worked for me.

Is anyone there?

You have the foreground - bushes/leaves
the middle-ground - the dried trees with the birds on them
the background - the building. All in complete focus.
I added a texture and converted to black and white to add to the eeriness of this building. It's a new construction but the old dried trees around it, the swamp and the black birds that surround it sure give it an old feel. The building is still under construction.

Dave and I took a nice long walk in the woods at Lemon Lake and I found these wild berries in there.
SRM wild berries

Read both in the manual and in my book but I don't have them with me to document the numbers.
Images viewed: cruised on flickr for a bit today.


Anonymous said...

Nice details on the first shot. Was that a crow on the tree branch?

Lovely colors on the berry shot. Wonderful dof and the green leaves have transformed into a wonderful background for the berries.

Sandra said...

Thanks Sasi,
yes there are actually 3 birds in that picture.

SimplyKuni said...

I like the isolation of the red berries against the green background of leaves.

greygirl25 said...

Black and white suits this building very well. I have to know, is it abandoned? I would love to explore the inside.

Sandra said...

Grey girl - would you believe it's new construction? Or should I say under construction. It's not complete. They are still working on it. It's really weird how old it looks.

AB said...

The different red shades on the berries look good

Anonymous said...

love the raspberry shot the blurry green soft background really lets the raspberries pop.


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