Wednesday, June 2, 2010

D-147 A creative in the making . . .

Yeap she's definitely a creative. She picked her own clothes (lol) right down to the hat and shoes. She wanted her picture taken. As soon as the lights when on she went into character and "performed" for us. I think she was a bag lady but I could be wrong.

June 1, 2010
she was singing and telling tales
June 1 2010

The daily shoot challenged today was:
How do you get around: car, train, bicycle, plane, feet? Make a photo that represents your mode of transportation today.
Here's my response
my car

Today has been an extremely long, busy day. So no reading. No images viewed.
Will catch up tomorrow.

It's twitter tuesday at Tasra Mar


greygirl25 said...

She has got to be just about the cutest little girl ever. You are incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous model.

Beautiful shots, you captured her personality so well.

SimplyKuni said...

She's adorable Sandra! Love the outfit.

Anonymous said...

I love her outfit and expressions on her face. Really cute little girl. Like the soft tone on these shots.

snaphappee said...

Isabella gets more beautiful every day! I love her sense of style - the sun hat with the winter boots is a great look!

Nice job on these - is that your car?

Amanda said...

She is so cute! I think her personality comes through in your photos! Nice car!!

Leslie said...

I love it! She would get along great with my kiddos!! and nice ride you love having the top down?

Anonymous said...

yes a fantastic model and perhaps an actress in the making

AB said...

Isabella is star and has a great taste in headgear

Jennifer said...

Busy crazy girl!! :) She sure grew lot! (slow down)

Sandra said...

Thanks Greygirl - I think she's a cutie too.
Yes Elli that's my car.
Thanks everyone.


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