Friday, June 18, 2010

D-164 Reflection

Just wanted to share that yesterday's picture was selected to be on DailyQi for June 18, 2010. "dailyQi ( is an independent English language e-magazine with an Asian focus, providing our readers with written articles on the arts, culture, business, entertainment, environment, health, politics, science and technology, plus providing various Asia-Pacific news and links of interest."

Macro lily

Challenge for Facebook 365 "reflection"
It was raining so hard so I had to come up with something indoors.
The reflection is a piece of acrylic that I bought at the hardware store.

A lot of my friends have been talking about "time" and the lack there of. I can totally relate. I understand. There are days when I not only "don't have the time" I don't have the energy. Sitting around chatting and watching TV is a luxury I don't really have anymore. However, this project has and continues to move me. Study, learn and try harder. My art has grown and so if I have to give up some TV time to continue learning this art - then so be it because I'm still fascinated with this craft.


greygirl25 said...

Beautiful lily. I love the color and the detail.

Congrats on the photo feature. It is an excellent photo.

snaphappee said...

Great photos! That macro lily is wonderful, and I love your reflection photo. I'm going to try my reflection one again today - Ken's going to glue my mirror back into the frame for me. :)

I completely agree with you on the time thing. I don't have much time for chatting or Facebook these days, but I try to make time for photography each day. Oh, and those small people. Apparently they need my time too. :-)

Hey, speaking of chatting - I have Skype now - it's just another way to get in touch with me if you need/want to.

Anonymous said...

The details on the macro shot is amazing and I like the subtle reflection of the bear in the second shot.

Thanks for your comments on Time in my blog post - I guess I'm not the only one to spend too much time on this project ;)

Anonymous said...

the intense red and the details here make this a real eye catcher.

SimplyKuni said...

Congratulations on getting your shot chosen for the DailyQi! Looks like hard work and dedication is paying off. I think that's worth missing a little television. :)


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