Wednesday, June 16, 2010

D-162 Mushroom Day 2

. . .and letter challenge from Daily Shoot.
"Find the shape of a letter in something around you-- architecture, nature, or anything not in print--and make a photo."

"Z" on my Shed door

and yesterday I posted a picture of a mushroom, today I was surprised by the amount of growth.
Mushroom growth Day #2

Nikon D-300, 50 mm, f/5.7. Much better detail.

My reading corner:
Read an article by Dane Sandres "Mapping your pDNA.
Nikon D-300 User's Manual Pages 166
Now reading:
A Short Course in Photography by London & Stone pages 48-49


snaphappee said...

Whoa! Is that the same mushroom??? Crazy!

The Daily Shoot challenge was fun! The kids and I went for a little walk and found lots and lots of letters!

Anonymous said...

Like the Z on the letter challenge shot. Nice texture.

AB said...

It looked like it collapsed under its own weight. What a monster!

Gallow said...

I like the door a lot. I like how the paint is warn off of parts of it. I also like the color contrast between the grass and the white.

greygirl25 said...

That mushroom is seriously cool, I love the detail you captured.

BTW, the lens I used for the raindrop the other day, 100mm macro. I really love that lens.


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