Thursday, February 25, 2010

D-56 The light in their eyes . . .

is me :) They love everyone in the house BUT everyone knows they prefer me. I'm so lucky.

Reesee in the studio.
She's a long haired, miniature Doxy.
6 Years young. Used Coffeeshop, creamy chocolate black and white.
Set up the studio for High Key
ISO 200, F8, 28-105mm @50M, 1/125S

This one was not taken today but I wanted to share both together.
Twix in a basket
She's a long haired, miniature Doxy, she's 4 years young.

A little bit of sunshine I wear around my neck. It's a pendant Dave bought for me in Michigan. It's actually a small glass charm - photographed in Macro.
 A little bit of sunshine
I love the colors and the smooth surface. Reminds me of sunshine and sunflowers, both of which I love.

Photographs admired today: Dustin Diaz
Pages read: 37-45 Metering modes, exposure compensation & histograms


snaphappee said...

Beautiful! I love the light in their eyes! But my favorite, favorite, favorite is that pendant! That is so beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Love dogs' eyes... (miss your dogs!)

Wow close up with that pendant!


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