Wednesday, February 24, 2010

D-55 Just everyday life . . .

This one is a macro shot. It's a plant I have in water and these bubbles are on the stem.
Bottle & bubblesrs
F4.5, 1/40S, ISO 200, 28-105 @105

Here is a true lost art. The art of fancy hand writing. When I was younger, a lady told me that they used to have to take "Hand writing" especially for clerical and secretarial work. I was admiring some of these document in our archives at work. This is from the late 1930's and all of the court dockets were hand written in beautiful hand writing.
Lovely words
ISO 400,50MM, 1/160S, F2.8
Auto WB

Here's the photographer I admired today. Ed Pingol

Read: Pg33-36 Detailed explanation of Exposure Modes.


Asiam Designs Photography said...

You know I love this.... I love beautiful script. I practiced my handwriting every chance I got when I was younger. Thus modeling my signature after John Hancock....

snaphappee said...

Great photos! I love both of them! What lens did you use for the water bubbles shot?

Sandra said...

thank you ladies.
Elli, it's the Macro lens I shared about here

Jennifer said...

cool close up bubbles.

I'm still have the dream to have macro lens.. love close up pictures!


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