Saturday, February 13, 2010

41 - 42 - 43/365 Update

Yes I have been taking pictures I just hadn't had a chance to post them but here they are:
Wednesday is my Winter Star. Another boring white/grey winter image so again I added some of my favorite textures. I like it.
Winter Star

Thursday I went to a basketball game. I stayed until half time trying to capture a good image of this kid but the lighting was bad and I have not practiced sports photography enough. His mom told me that right after I left he got elbowed in the face and he blacked out with his mouth pouring out blood! They also thought that he fractured his hands from the fall. The good news is that even though he had a huge gaping hole inside of his mouth they were able to stitch him up and his hand were just badly bruised. Back to school the next day.
BB storyboard

and Friday's Fun Photo Challenge is "A loved One" even though I have many loved ones in my life - who else would I put here but David.
I mean he drove us to downtown Gary and even took off his jacket in 20 degree weather so that I could complete my challenge. Thanks Babe. He could tell you stories of the places we go and the things that we do just so I can take a picture.
He supports my passion whole hearted.

Rumor has it that this used to be a park with a huge circular fountain. I Have yet to find actual documentation of this place in the archives but it looks like it could have been a great place once upon a time.


CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...
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CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

great pictures as always;)

snaphappee said...

Great post! That first image looks so artistic! Nice!

Sports photography is hard, but it looks like you did a good job. Poor kid - I hope he's feeling okay!

It's so good of your sweet husband to cater to your passion. That sunset behind him is awesome!

Leslie said...

Love them pics as usually. Poor bball boy - ouch! And what a guy for the t-shirt in the snow!

Gallow said...

Great job. I find the lighting in gyms to be very difficult. You did well.

Jennifer said...

great pictures!!!!

dislike to take pictures in the gym.. lighting!! See what you can figure down road how to beat that lighting effect.

Hello Dave!

stacy mcpeek-smith said...

Great pictures! Agreed gyms can be difficult. :)

Gary.... as in Indiana?


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