Friday, February 5, 2010

36/365 Fun Friday Challenge

What is the color of love? Well of coarse the first thing that comes to mind is red and pink and add anything sweet...

color of love 1rs

then there is the blue tropical waters of the beaches I miss so much, where David proposed to me. There is the white warm sands, the pink and purple sea shells, the white, green and blue beach glass that I've picked on our trips. I have a little bit of all of those in my home. It warms me up on cold winter nights. On days where the Sun has been hiding for weeks at a time and the only color in the sky is grey. I light my candle and I'm at the beach again.

color of love2rs


snaphappee said...

Lovely! I especially like the bite out of the candy! The "beach" shot is beautiful too. What a wonderful way to keep those memories close.

Jennifer said...

Peeps.. used love to eat them for Easter.. now every holidays have them..

Perfect, love it.

Love the themed beach!!

Mel said...

love the beach shot! I think that is the true color of love, especially in these grey winter days!


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