Monday, December 20, 2010

D-353 Dark and Moody lighting

Today I read a blog entry titled "Dark & Moody" (are you begining to see a pattern here?) by Glyn Dewis
I attempted to do some moody self portaits but alas, David had to come help. I set up the light, the reflector and the pose David took the image.

Dark and moody lighting

I'm not thrilled with the results. Not thrilled with the image but I'm tired and it's late so there is day 353.
This one I took myself. Regular lighting with umbrella
Self portrait
Images viewed: Glyn Dewis


Nikhil Ramkarran said...

Your pose and the lighting in the first one is spot on. If there is anything to not be pleased with, I can blame only the background. I can see part of a window and what looks like a couch or bed. They are distracting because you can see only a piece of them and not the whole.

The second one is well executed, but I can see you are tired (in the execution). While it is competently done, it doesn't have that special sauce you normally bring to your portraits.

I think I had a day like yours yesterday. The title of my photo is far better than the photo itself :)

snaphappee said...

These are beautiful! I agree that the second one doesn't have your "special sauce," but the photo is nice anyway. The first one is lovely!

Judy said...

I like the second one best.

xolexo said...

Of course, you know I love both photos as always, but I actually prefer the second one. The first photo is perfect in all ways except, in my opinion, the somewhat distracting color of the wall, but the second one really seems to bring out your true mood at the time.

Like Nikhil said, you look so tired, but it feels like that's the point, especially since you're laying down. And beautiful lighting! <3

shirley said...

I like both captures. The first one is very dark and moody. Hope you are feeling less tired today!

Anonymous said...

Lovely moody shots Sandra. You make all these portrait shots looks so simple...

greygirl25 said...

Oh, the B & W is way moody, very nice.


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