Saturday, December 11, 2010

D-344 More moody lighting

The daily shoot today: What can make a photograph feel moody to you? Illustrate your answer today.
I believe it's all about the lighting.

Another one lit only by a flashlight. This time I threw a white towel over the flash light.
Never Stray Far away
"..a thousand memories will play
and the sun will rise to greet another day,
somehow this emptiness won't stay,
somehow there's hope not far away"
song by Moya Brennan

Never stray far away
Just a couple extras:

Used a flash light to light this one plus available light with with poster board surrounding the shoes.
Shoes and pearls
Used a available light with with poster board surrounding the shoes.

Images viewed: John*Edgar Photographer


Nikhil Ramkarran said...

When you decide to go all out with the lighting, whether it is minimalist as in the portrait, or full bore as in the shoes, you produce stunning results.

I think you are good enough at creative lighting now that you can start giving classes. Maybe next year you can make tutorials the focus of your blog.

snaphappee said...

Awesome lighting on all of these!! The moody lighting on the first one is perfect! So evocative. I love the light on the shoes too - the first shoe shot is my favorite. Lovely work!

greygirl25 said...

The shoes totally rock. They look quite new Years Eve-ish.

Nice selfie, very deep in thought.

Levonne said...

Sandra, I like what you did with light in the self portrait and with the shoes. You are demistifying light!

Anonymous said...

I like the self-portrait with minimalistic lighting. Did you use candle light for that shot (first one)? I like the way your face is lit and how the facial features mingle into the darkness.

As Nikhil commented you may want to consider offering lighting tutorials.

John Edgar said...

I like these a lot. The first one is really fantastic. When I think about mood light.. it's not the light I think about... it's the shadows. Good photographers shoot in safe life. Brillant Photographes make interesting light.


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