Sunday, August 30, 2009

295-298 out of 365 days

Lets start with these little boogers!
We were cleaning the yard and Izzy was chopping wood, unaware that there was a nest of bees (Yellow Jackets) in the ground. He's chopping wood and all of a sudden one sting on his ankle and it continues to sting in the same spot then one on his knee, one on his thigh, on the other leg, next thing I know he's yelling for help and they are swarming on him. I turn the hose on him and he runs in the house - several items of clothing left behind. They chased him/us into the house and several got in.
That evening about sunset Dave fumigated these holes in the ground.
Well we found 3 of these hives buried in the ground. This was a pretty large one.

(Click on image to see more details)

This little piggy sits on my potting table.

Just some awesome color in my Garden

I was in the back checking on stuff back there - it has gotten pretty wild out there and I almost ran into this!!!
I shot with a 50mm and I cropped to show detail - Ewwwwwwwwwww

I cannot remember if this is Chives or garlic. Either way they are very dainty looking and they smell awesome!


snaphappee said...

Great shots! The yellowjackets and spider are a bit "ewchy" but great shots! I love the color in your garden!

I never new Q-tips grew in a garden!! :)

PLPortraiture said...


I hope Izzy is OK

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing he is not allergic to them?


Love your eclectic mix of captures too! :D


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