Wednesday, August 5, 2009

274/365 Once in a lifetime or Century Plant

I saw an article in the local News Paper "The Times" regarding a once in a lifetime event about a plant believed to bloom once every 100 years - and it's 100 years old now. It's blooming and it's in a green house in East Chicago, Indiana. I had to go see for myself.

This plant is native to Mexico and it's believed to have resided at this humble green house in East Chicago, Indiana for the past 60 years or so.

This plant started changing in March and it went through a growth spurt. I was told that the E.C. Police Department was called in to remove a couple of window panes so that the plant could grow as much as it needed to.

It looks like a large aloe.

The sad part is that it blooms once at 100 years old then dies. This one has a couple of babies to take it's place.
I wanted to show a close up of the base of this plant - look at that amazing texture!

It was worth the ride there.


snaphappee said...

Wow! I've heard of plants like that...that's just crazy! Thanks for sharing this great experience!

Jennifer said...

Wow, seen news and I didn't realized it was nearby. Glad you could go and see it yourself. Bet it was fun to grab to take some pictures.

Wow with close up pix how it look like that.

Thank for share with us here on blog.


Tess said...

WOW! How neat to be able to see that!


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