Saturday, August 22, 2009

291 & 290/365 Family Shoot today

I did baby C's pictures when he was just a couple of weeks old and look . . .he will be 6 months on Tuesday. Wow!
This shoot was so much fun for David & I that we decided to have lunch together afterwards. We hung out for a while with them. We had a great time.
Seriously, isn't this the cutest family?
I haven't had a chance to go through all of the pictures but I wanted to post today so this is the first one I've edited. I'll share more later.

and. . . it's all in the angle/background, right?


Jennifer said...

sweet family! can't wait to see other pictures.

Love that flower!!

snaphappee said...

Wow! Time flies! Nice shots! That looks like a lovely location...lots of options.

Amanda said...

Nice work on the family photo! The flower shots are beautiful also!

Tess said...

Very nice family shot! And I love the orange background for the flower!


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