Saturday, August 15, 2009

283 & 284/365 Flowers and OCF photo shoot

Flower from our garden, a very large flower.

Yes, it's been a long hard work week, but I cannot think of a better way of ending my week than doing a photo shoot of a very nice young man. This is Julian.

We did some reflector shots and lots of OCF. Just a quick edit to share here.
I'm having issues with resizing in blogger - it makes the images soft, these are actually nice and sharp.

Will post again on Sunday or Monday - we are going camping.


snaphappee said...

Nice work! The flower is beautiful, and the shots of the young man are great! I think that last one could use a little more light or a boost or something...but the first two are AWESOME!!

Jennifer said...

nice snapshots of guy!

I wanna that door! ;-)


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