Saturday, August 8, 2009

277/365 Practice practice practice

In the studio, lights off except for the red filtered light behind the book.
I was going for a dark, dramatic look, with a heart shape in the middle. It didn't work. It's getting late so I just threw one of Christina's blends right over it to hide the flop. It does, however, look like a floating book.

and stop the presses . . . there's been a theft. My youngest daughter, has stolen my images. Right off of my blog! I resize them pretty small too and still look at the clarity with which she can steal my images!
but look at the work of art that she's created. She's been out of town and I've missed her "art" so I was pleased to see these.

Thanks Khalila.


snaphappee said...

Nice effect with the book! And of course, Khalila's work with Isabella's photos is wonderful!

Eric said...

LOL, busted!

And I like the book shot, looks good to me


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