Wednesday, October 28, 2009

352/365 Fall Visitor

I apologize for yesterdays post - After closer examination I just wasn't happy with the shot. Technically it was correct - creatively it didn't meet my standards. So I took it down. I will make up for it later.

I challenged myself today to take our point and shoot to work and do something creative at lunch time with it. All I can tell you is that I don't like point and shoots anymore.

I like to control my aperture, my shutter speed, my ISO etc. I like to decide what my depth of field will be and so on.

However, after lunch, I see one of the security guards giving this squirrel nuts. I guess this one comes up to the glass door and scratches and looks in the glass door. This guy has gotten her used to giving her nuts. Needless to say I was glad to have my point and shoot then.


snaphappee said...

Nice job with the P&S! That little squirrel is adorable. The security guard better not bring PB&J for lunch! She'll think it's hers!

Amanda said...

We will excuse yesterdays post if we eventually get to see the shoes, lol!:)
Very good shot with a point and shoot!

Jennifer said...

all right about shoes post..

awesome and sweet with the squirrel!!

Jess said...

what a great capture! I don't visit enough blogs often enough, but I enjoyed looking through your recent posts.

Wanted to thank you for leaving comments on my blog, I appreciate it! I really like your wedding captures and the fact that you are almost done with your 365 day challenge.I could never commit and complete it!


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