Sunday, October 4, 2009

328 - 330/364 Catch up post

My little princess is wearing a dress that belonged to her mom many, many years ago.

I found a little craft project that she really enjoyed. We made this necklace over 50 times. She loved the beading process.

When I went to that abandoned factory, I set my mind to focus on one color. The color that repeated itself there was yellow. Here is my "study in yellow - urban grunge"

I found a way to blow off some steam! I mean it really works. I've been punching the bag at the gym! My hand is a little bruised but well worth it! LOL

This picture was taken by my son Izzy while I was in action with his cell phone.


snaphappee said...

Awesome catch up photos! Isabella is just so beautiful! I'd love to see a shot with the dress on display!

Jennifer said...

cute lil Isabella!!

Awesome snapshots of color yellow!!

Aw fun crafts to do with isabella!


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