Monday, October 19, 2009

336-343/365 Huge catch up

It's been 8 days but I have more than enough pictures to post.
Here is our "Welcome To Michigan" picture.
It was snowing as soon as we entered Michigan. We saw very little sunshine while we were there lots of rain, clouds, snow and cold.
We went to the Upper Pinensula of Michigan. Beautiful areas.

. . .but here are the beautiful Michigan Colors . . .

and look, the white from the snow, just makes the colors jump out at you.

We visited Tahquamenon Falls. 40,000 acres of mostly undeveloped woodland without roads, building or power lines. The upper Falls has a drop of nearly 50 feet and more than 200 feet across. The lower falls is a series of five smaller falls. The amber color of the water is from tannin leached from the Cedar, Sprice and Hemlock in the swamps drained river.

Then in another part of the state we drove on a dirt road for two and a half hours and we came across this . . . I haven't seen one of these in a very long time. Not sure if it works.

We drove that distance to get to this . . . a secluded lighthouse. Crisp Point Lighthouse built in 1904.

The Mackinac Bridge is currently the third longest suspension bridge in the world.
"All suspension bridges are designed to move to accommodate wind, change in temperature, and weight. It is possible that the deck at center span could move as much as 35 feet (east or west) due to high winds. This would only happen under severe wind conditions. The deck would not swing or "sway" but rather move slowly in one direction based on the force and direction of the wind. After the wind subsides, the weight of the vehicles crossing would slowly move it back into center position."
Yes we felt the affects of wind on the bridge.

Back Home . . .

Visiting an Amish Town

I must be the luckiest woman in town. My youngest left this red rose on my computer for me. He's such a sweetheart, he also left 2 white roses on his sisters car. One for her one for Isabella. How thoughtful is that?

then today, Miss Isabella picks these for me and her mom.

This is where they are hanging in my kitchen. :)

It's been a great week off of work, now I must get ready to start the work week.


PLPortraiture said...

Where do I begin??
Well, for starters, these are ALL amazing captures!
If you had a truck with you, I would have lifted that phone booth for a prop! :P
Love Love L O V E the Amish Captures!

...and in closing, I have to say, what lucky girls to be fortunate enough to marry your boys some day....

Jennifer said...

Agree with above comment

Glad you had opportunity to make the trip and it was worth for you and Dave to go.

Amazing snapshots!!

Sweet if Izzy!! Isabella too!

snaphappee said...

Wow! Great photos! You those leaves with the snow make a stunning photo! I also loved the Amish photos...great work!

Amanda said...

Great shots Sandra!


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