Saturday, October 10, 2009

334-335/365 Rubber Duckie & Pixel to Canvas

I received my second canvas from Pixel2Canvas. It's my daughter in her uniform. I'm still waiting on one more, my sons. You photographers out there should really look into this company. They have a duck program too. Every time you order a canvas you get a Duckie. I have 2 from them.

When I saw this second on was a vampire duckie I had to try and create a story. Here it is. The tiny duckies I already had. Just for fun!

We are leaving out of town for a few days. I will check back in with some awesome images. Have a great week everyone.


xLeeB said...

HAHA! I love it! Hilarious!

Jennifer said...


Have a great trip!

snaphappee said...

Hey! I posted a comment here! What happened to it?

I'm sure I said these were great. I loved the duckie storyboard! That's so fun!

Anonymous said...

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