Saturday, September 12, 2009

310/311 out of 365 My new model!

She's pretty, she's pink, she co-operates! The only thing is that she has that same plastered cheesy smile. Sigh, good models are so hard to come by.
The Story board was an easy one free from CoffeeShop

After a long and stressful week at work I came home and sat in the sun and read no brainer material. It was more about sitting in the sun and soaking up the last rays of summer. That is until I got a mosquito bite - then it was time to go in.
The picture looked a little moody so I just used some preset that comes with Elements 7.


snaphappee said...

I love your new model! So willing! So cooperative!

That book/swing photo is fabulous! I love it both ways! Can I come and swing with you? (I so wish!!)

Sandra said...

Yes Elli, come on by. I'll make us some iced tea.

Jennifer said...

Awesome fun to use pink ducky as your model. :-)

Nice spot to read your book. with peace of mind plus fresh air outside.

Bet it fun to play with photo shop.

I really want to use them, just how?


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