Wednesday, September 9, 2009

309 & 309/365 Days

We've had this tree with us for many years. This was the first year that it did not bloom. Partially because it got attacked by Beatles. I have to drag it in in the fall and find a place for it to live all Fall and Winter. Since it did not bloom I decided to get rid of it this year. No sooner do I make that choice when I see a bloom starting. The one and only flower this year.

The first picture is yesterdays while it was still attached to the plant.

and she made an appearance again - this time in the studio. I meant to change the backdrop to white but I forgot.


snaphappee said...

What a beautiful blossom! I love your vase too!

Amanda said...

Only one!! It really is beautiful!

Jennifer said...

yes it is so pretty shot!

You made the shot look interest with background and coke bottle.



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