Sunday, September 6, 2009

305/306 out of 365 a flower in my studio

These flowers are huge but they don't last long so I thought I'd bring it in to enjoy. I love the color especially against that backdrop. This is the backdrop a "Pro" photographer told me awhile ago that I should get rid off because the color was too bright. All I needed was to learn how to light it correctly. Don't give up if you are learning photography and lighting. Just keep at it, practice, practice and ask for advice. Don't give up.

I told my daughter that if all of my clients acted like Miss Isabella does (only in front of the camera) I'd quit - LOL. I think she wants to be a photographer not the subject.
I wanted to take a picture of her in one of the dresses Pam made. This is the best I have.
Pam Isabella says "Thank You."

and I just wanted to share one that I edited from the session a couple of nights ago. I just love how this turned out after the pp in black and white.


snaphappee said...

Wow! That pink flower against the blue backdrop is amazing!! Beautiful work, again!

Brittany said...

I laugh at your "quit" comment. It's the same with my kids! I wouldn't be able to handle it! The flower looks amazing! And I really love the B&W one, great job!

Mel said...

LOVE the colors in that flower shot! and my Charleigh goes through days JUST like that lol, at least she isn't making a mean face at you! Adorable.

Jennifer said...

Meant to leave comment here about your dear Miss Isabella!

Fun how got her in front of camera.

So pretty shot of flower!


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