Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanks to the USO of Illinois

Thanks to the USO of Illinois and all of the volunteers who made this event possible.
The USO put together a very nice program for the families of soldiers. Isabella, her mom and I enjoyed the day at the beautiful Navy Pier (Chicago). There were so many great activities for Isabella to enjoy. We ran out of energy before we ran out of activities. They even fed us, twice. We had such a great day.

The only problem was that I forgot my camera. Yes I did! I ended up buying a disposable camera. Interesting. These are from that disposable camera. My daughter will probably fire me as a photographer LOL

The huge glasses are for the I-Max theatre, Snowman versus Santa. Very cute, loved the 3-D.

The decorations were wonderful!

Lots and lots of jumping possibilities


Asiam Designs Photography said...

Haha Mami - Sandrita will never fire her mami. Disposable camera or not. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Love the glasses.

snaphappee said...

You did great with what you had! What a fun day!

Jennifer said...

Wow.. full day with full of fun!! Glad you managed to find disposable camera than nothing.

PLPortraiture said...

Its NOT the Camera ...
Its the PERSON behind the Camera.


Amanda said...

You've just proven that it's more the photographer than it is the camera! These turned out great! I looks like a fun day! And very well deserved.


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