Saturday, December 26, 2009


I cannot believe my "baby" is gonna be 18 next week. I just cannot get over that! He graduates this year.
He and I had a nice date lunch today and I just "happen" to take my camera with me. so on the way back we stopped at his old elementery school. Now that's way back. I took of few shots of him while it was snowing. Playing around with lighting. I loved the results. This is with my 50mm. Only wish I had my OCF with me at the time.

These are worth seeing in larger size (click on pictures) so you can see bokeh snow. I've never seen this.


snaphappee said...

Oh, wow!! These are amazing! Did you use the onboard flash for these? I love love love that snow bokeh!! I've never seen it before either, but it's wonderful!

Mel said...

oh snow and bokeh two of my favorite things! Time seems to really fly lately for us as well, I need a pause button so I can sit down and relax before 2010 begins and everything really starts gearing up for another deployment, I wonder if walmart sells those yet?

Jennifer said...

Love snapshots of Izzy!

can not believe he grew so much

Sandra said...

Elli, I tried to balance the available light with the on board flash. Sort of eye balled it.


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