Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cards

To say that I used to scrapbook would be an understatement. I have lots and lots of albums to prove that. However, two years ago when I picked up the Nikon, got a few lessons from David, joined a photographers forum and just got educated on photograhy my focus changed. Now most of my free time is spent on photography.
Sometimes I miss just playing with paper and inks. So I wanted to give my awesome co-workers an extra special Christmas card (Like I used to pre-photography) and I pulled out some supplies and whipped these up last night. I'm happy with them.
As with any of these post you can click on picture to view larger.


snaphappee said...

Those are beautiful!!

Jennifer said...

Your co-workers will enjoys the homemade cards!!

So pretty!!

Jen said...

what gorgeous cards! beautiful work that I am sure your co-workers will enjoy!

Mel said...

Love these! I have totes upon totes of scrapbook think of the money I could have spent on lens if I hadn't spent it all on paper and stamps and ink and brads and tools, etc... lol..oy vey! Its a down payment on a D700 just chillin in the closet!


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