Saturday, April 3, 2010

D-93 Another play at Off Camera Flash

First of all I want to say a big Thank You to my daughter Khalila for that great blog header. I really think she did a great job.

I love my vintage, 1950's Red Juice-O-Matic, counter tops juicer, our brother-in-law gave to us. Dave was making Lemonaide and as he says, "everything in our house turns into a photoshoot." Here I played with some OCF and tried to Bokeh the chili pepper lights I have on my windows. Still playing around with the flash trying to find a perfect balance with ambient light and flash.
I thought it would be fun to angle the camera for these images.
1950's Juice O Matic

1950's Juice O Matic

1950's Juice O Matic

Images viewed: Audrey Woulard
Pages Read in The Hot Shoe Diaries; 161 - 169


Asiam Designs Photography said...

Really cool images.... Really!

I love that header.... can Khalila make me one? That is sooooo HOT!

You know how my mind works - she should sell different active headers on line.... after she hoks me up. LOL


snaphappee said...

Awesome stuff!! Kudos to Khalila - that header is great! The bokeh makes those juicer shots look so artistic and "Dustin Diaz!" I love them! Beautiful work again!

Mel said...

I love the header, I love the contrast between red and yellow and that bokeh..YUM!

Jennifer said...

Cool... can I have some drink!

neat header!! K, great job!


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