Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New stuff 12/365

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.
Vincent Van Gogh

Gotta love DIY Photography see for yourself. This is what Dave and I did last night.

This is the result. A Muslin backdrop for under $20.00. Do you think it works? I love it. I'm anxious to set up my actual studio and get some willing subjects in there. Meanwhile my poor little Doxy is the subject. She's a little fuzzy right now. I used my new lights and my home made backdrop. She's approximately 5 feet away from the backdrop and I used 2 lights.


snaphappee said...

Very nice! Did you dry it in the dryer?

Tess said...

Um, isn't she supposed to be fuzzy?! :)

Jennifer said...

wow so pretty color turn out nicely! Cool idea with be dyed. cute dog!!

Did Reese and Twix get other buddy?? Doxy

Diana said...

Great idea! I like it! What was the thing you ended up dying? Was it just a white/cream sheet?

Cute dog.

Sandra said...

The "fuzzy" dog needs a haircut and her name is Reesee.
The first and second images show the undyed muslin the third image is the tub of dye.

Jennifer said...

Ah all right same dog Reesee! I swear thought they have new buddy.

So cute pix of her with your new tied-dyed!

(your favorite color!)

Thistle Creek Photography said...

nice color!

cute fuzzy!

Eric L said...

Great idea, looks like a fuin background. Nice dog too!

RClarkePhotography said...

So cool!! My only advice is to pull your subject away a bit from the background to blur it a bit more.


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