Thursday, November 12, 2009

361-365 and it's a wrap!

It's bitter sweet. It's the beauty of fall as summers blooms go dormant and nature prepares for the long winter days ahead.

Our cousin (Hi Andie!) works for a non-for-profit organization called Ebenezer Medical Outreach, in West Virginia. She organized a Dancing with the Tri-State Stars. The Tri-States covers West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Khalila, Dave & I had the honor of photographing the event. This was a big challenge for us as it was the first event of that type we have photographed. It was definitely a learning experience. The stadium was dark and the dancers were fast. This event was so entertaining and it was huge success.

Over the past year I have taken pictures of lots of mushrooms but these, found in Southern Ohio, are the weirdest and yuckiest looking I've come across yet.

The one I almost missed . . .
I was roaming my yard which has become somewhat of a jungle out there and I noticed this rose in what used to be my Rose Garden. It might be the only healthy bloom I've had all year long. I couldn't help but bring her in and enjoy what's left of her.
I used a grunge and textures. I like the effect.

and what a way to end the 365 day project . . . My pictures were featured in
"The Herald-Dispatch" of Huntington, West Virginia on Sunday, November 8, 2009.
4 pictures were featured.


Jennifer said...

Stunning, awesome pictures you have got to finish 365 days!!

Dancing.. got in newspapers.. wow!

Sound you had lot of fun!

snaphappee said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I'm so proud of you for finishing the project! And kudos for having your photos featured in the paper! That's fantastic!!

Asiam Designs Photography said...

Go Sandra - You are published! BRAVO. Excellent job.

Tess said...

AWESOME! I'm so proud of you finishing your project! And to finish it with being published! WOW!


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